Triathlon is one of the most exciting and challenging mass participation sports out there, combining swimming, cycling and running in one event.  The sport of triathlon is growing rapidly with events and distances to suit all abilities.

Calne SMaRTT has a comprehensive training programme designed to help you get the most out of the season – whether it’s your first triathlon or you are a seasoned Ironman, whatever your goals we will help you feel part of the team.

Masters pool sessions

Running fitness and speed sessions

Weekend group bike rides and runs to suit all abilities

Open water swim sessions

We are also running a Triathlon Championship which includes a great selection of local multi-sport races.  To find out more please click here.

For more information about triathlon, you can visit the Triathlon England Website here.


Wootton Bassett Triathlon

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimePoints
1Stuart Welch1:11.3820
2Ian Banks1:53.0919

White Horse Triathlon

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimePoints
1Ben Weston1:08.0020
2Stuart Welch1:09.3619
3Gaz Hanna1:14.4018
4Andrew Gilbert1:14.4717
5Andrew Lennox1:16.1416
6Mike Mellard1:19.0215
7Richard Candy1:23.5814
8Ian Banks1:56.3513
1Sharon Mann1:31.2620
2Natalie Welch1:32.5519
3Catherine Thornton1:45.3518
4Tess Ryan1:59.2417

Calne Aquathlon Spring Series Race 3

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimePoints
1Ben Weston27:0220
2Ian Scott27:0919
3Andrew Gilbert31:3718
4Mike Mellard33:5817
5Gaz Hanna36:4916
1Sue Hartley33:0820

Calne Aquathlon Spring Series Race 2

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimePoints
1Ian Scott27:2420
2Ben Weston27:3819
3Andrew Gilbert33:1418
4Mike Mellard34:3117
5Gaz Hanna38:5216
1Sue Hartley34:3920

Calne Aquathlon Spring Series Race 1

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimePoints
1Ian Scott26:5720
2Ben Weston28:1019
3Andrew Gilbert34:5718
4Ian Banks52:2017
1Sue Hartley36:0420
2Leanne Weston36:1419
3Erika Masna39:2418