Club Championship 2017 Results

Below are the current club standings. These are based on the race results issued from individual races for those who have entered under Calne SMaRTT as first claim club.

If some of your results are missing then please send them to for inclusion. 

Points are given based on your finish time compared to other Calne SMaRTT runners with 20 points for first male and first female across the line, 19 for second and so on.

Male Standings

ZMale Championship Table 2017

Name/Race No12345678910111213141516Bonus PointsTotalRank
Jamie Moss19202019201820191918202121
Kevin Cole18192018191919172019202082
Darren Mann202018171717141716161723
Stuart Welch17191920181818171464
Mike Giles1919171615191055
Andrew Gilbert1714
Gareth Hanna1816161615817
Andrew Lennox1616141219778
Ian Banks18111120609
Malcolm Scott1514184710
Grahame Shaddick1313164211
Ian Scott20204012
Ben Weston20204012
Mark Carter1210153714
Richard Smith109173615
Paul Ryan15973116
Mike Mellard15132817
Kevin Eldridge202018
Mark Cawley

Kevin Sandall181819
Charlie Doel1081819
Richard Candy171722
Darren Jefford16
Lee Cradock161624

Female Standings

ZFemale Championship Table 2017

Name/Race No12345678910111213141516
Bonus Points
Sharon Mann202019202019202020201981
Catherine Cole181919192018191818191872
Helen Waran Barrett
Jennifer Colley19202020202019191574
Tess Ryan121817161913161216111505
Lorna King1617171717201046
Jane Board18171913677
Leanne Weston181718538
Kate Howe161620529
Clare Powell1915124610
Anna Earl1415134211
Emma Scott20204012
Debbie Pearce19203913
Sonja Ockwell18203814
Louise Jacomb18153315
Tracey Gravell20
Sarah Markley202016
Erika Masna171718
Sue Hartley171718
Cathy Thornton161620
Ruth Groves161620
Nicola Walton141421
Abbie Mann141421