2017 Multi-Sport Club Races and Results

The 2017 Calne SMaRTT Multi-sport Championship will take place from February to November 2017.  There is a separate male and female championship.  The championship consists of 8 races, which have been selected to cover a range of events, from Sprint to Standard Distance Triathlon and Duathlon.  Members can select which races they wish to enter and will gain points for each finish as detailed below.  In addition, there are 40 bonus points available for additional races finished outside of the club championships.  These can be Aquathon, Duathlon or Triathlon and must be BTF, ITU or ETU accredited.

The aim of the Championship is to nominate events for a group of club triathletes can enter to promote the club and compete as a “team”.  In addition, having some experienced Club members at these events will provide support and encouragement to club members less experienced in, or new to the sport.


Club Rules for 2017 Triathlon Championship Points

Club members can enter as many of the races within the championships as they wish.  Points will be awarded as follows:

The club finisher with the fastest time will get 20 points and the second fastest 19 points and so on, up to the 20th finisher onwards who will all get 1 point.

Points are awarded separately for male and female finishers (i.e 20 points for first male and 20 points for first female etc.)  There is no allowance for the various age categories within the race.

Bonus points of 5 per race to be awarded on completion of a BTF recognised event, not included in the club championships.  This can be any distance and event covered by the BTF Rule Book.  Completion of these to be notified to the club secretary within a week of completion to ensure that the championship tables are kept current.

The championship standings are calculated by adding each individual’s points scored in all races completed.

In the event that two or more people have the same points at the end of the season, the championship will be shared.

To be eligible for championship points you must enter using Calne SMaRTT as your first claim club on the application form.

The male and female club championship standings will be updated after each race.

ZMulti-Sport Championship Race Planner 2017

1Calne Aquathlon Spring Series Race 15 February
2Calne Aquathlon Spring Series Race 25 March
3Calne Aquathlon Spring Series Race 32 April
4White Horse Triathlon30 April
5Wootton Bassett Triathlon14 May
6Bowood Sprint Triathlon1 July
7Portishead Sprint Triathlon19 August
8Chilly Duathlon19 November

ZMulti-Sport Male Championship Table 2017

Name/Race NoCalne Aquathlon Race 1Calne Aquathlon Race 2Calne Aquathlon Race 3White Horse TriathlonWootton Bassett TriathlonBowood Sprint TriathlonPortishead Sprint TriathlonChilly DuathlonBonus PointsTotalRank
Ben Weston19192020
Andrew Gilbert18181817171751102
Gareth Hanna16161816181951083
Stuart Welch1920181920966
Mike Mellard1717151516804
Ian Scott20201919785
Ian Banks171319497
Lee Craddock181810
Andrew Lennox16168
Richard Candy14149
Keith Bradshaw101010

Bonus points: Gaz Hanna – Midweek Duathlon; Keith Bradshaw – Midweek Duathlon, Eton Dorney Sprint; Ben Weston – Midweek Duathlon, Blenheim Sprint, Slateman, Cardiff; Andrew Gilbert – Midweek Duathlon; Stuart Welch – Castle Howard Olympic; Ian Scott – Eton Sprint, Austria European, Chilly 1


ZMulti-Sport Female Championship Table 2017

Name/Race NoCalne Aquathlon Race 1Calne Aquathlon Race 2Calne Aquathlon Race 3White Horse TriathlonWootton Bassett TriathlonBowood Sprint TriathlonPortishead Sprint TriathlonChilly DuathlonBonus PointsTotalRank
Leanne Weston192020
Sue Hartley202020602
Erika Masna1819373
Tess Ryan175
Sharon Mann20205
Natalie Welch19196
Catherine Thornton18187

Bonus points: Leanne Weston – Blenheim Sprint, Slateman, Cardiff; Tess Ryan – Chilly Duathlon; Cathy Thornton – Bowood Super Sprint

Castle Combe Chilly 10K - 18 February 2018

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimeAge Grading ScorePoints
1Ben Weston37:4271.53%20
2Brian Spiers49:33
3Jamie Moss43:3962.66%18
4Stuart Welch47:42
5Mike Mellard47:5155.83%16
6Richard Smith54:0850.52%15
1Helen Waran58:3255.44%20
2Antje Pipitone56:1154.76%19
3Anna Earl1:00.3953.5%18
4Angelita Sullivan59.1552.71%17
5Sonja Ockwell59.5552.13%16
6Claire Powell1:00.4352.13%16
7Tess Ryan1:14.5642:9014
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Devizes 10K - 30 September 2018

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimeAge graded resultPoints
1Kevin Cole43.2168.30%20
2Jamie Moss46.3358.94%19
3Richard Smith58.40:4046.77%18
1Helen Waran Barrett1.02:0752.54%20

Swindon Half 9 September 2018

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimeAge Graded Results Points
1Grahame Shaddick

2Mike Mellard2.04:4347.48%
3Richard Smith
1Debbie Pearce1.48:40
2Helen Waran Barrett2.17:11
3Caroline Catt2.27:48
4Sonia Ockwell2.21:44
5Claire Powell2.27:48
6Tess Ryan2.51:02

Hullavington 10K

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimeAge Graded ResultPoints
1Kevin Cole42.55:0068.99%20
2Ben Weston40.18:0062.72%19
3Gaz Hanna47.16:0061.67%18
1Debbie Pearce50.02:0067.50%20
2Catherine Cole54.14:0061.52%19
3Jane Board68.15:0052.90%18
4Helen Waran Barrett68.48:0047.43%17
5Tess Ryan74:23.0043.87%16

Frome 5K - 16 July 2018

Club PositionCompetitorFinish TimeAge GradePoints
1Kevin Cole20.3668.98%20
1Catherine Cole24.3666.32%20
2Jennifer Colley24.5059.03%19
3Jane Board32.1754.62%18