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Club Championships – Running

Once again the focus of this years championship races is variety and to support local club run races.  The aim is to have as many of the club runners turn up to the events and show Calne SMaRTT as an enthusiastic and active club.

  • The races selected for this years club championships are here. Further info is available from the events/session calendar.
  • A summary of the results and points allocation for each race is shown here.
  • The league table showing total points throughout the season is here

Club Championships – Triathlon

  • The races selected for this years Triathlon club championships are shown here.
  • The league table showing total points throughout the season is here


Wiltshire Road Race League

Calne SMaRTT have enjoyed good consistent results in the Wiltshire Road Race League over the years, so we hope to continue this year in the same way. The League is split into two divisions with Calne SMaRTT A in the first Division and our B Team in Division 2. The club encourages any of our members who want to run additional races to the Championship races to consider these as good races which also earn points for the club. Full details of the league races and teams are here.

Running Health & Safety

As you may have seen in the press, there have been some recent incidents where local runners have been taken ill during training.  REMEMBER – if you feel ill when training or competing then stop and seek help and advice. Better to be well for the next race than face a long lay-off by pushing the extra mile or few seconds.  In addition, always carry identification whilst training by yourself.

Running Safety – Personal Stereos & Lights

At recent races, competitors have been disqualified for wearing personal stereos during the run. It most definitely affects your ability to hear traffic and so can be extremely dangerous whilst out on the roads. It’s also antisocial when in a group. If you feel you have to have tunes to run to then use one earpiece only or buy sports earpieces which allow outside noise to be heard as well (somehow!). Remember for Tri events it is instant disqualification to use phones, personal stereos or other devices at any time in the event.

During the dark months be seen – wear reflective jackets/bibs hats etc or better still get a small clip on cycle light which shows up a long way and will not affect your performance.