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SMaRTT Smasher 10k off road race - Sunday 19th February 2017



Training Plans

Calne SMaRTT believes that a good training plan is essential when looking to achieve your racing goals. However, we also understand that everyone is different so not all plans suit everyone. With this in mind there are a number of generic training plans  below but they are all very easy to adjust to suit your work/life commitments. If you would like to discuss a plan specifically designed for you, please email 


Running Plans

 Beginners 5k

 Intermediate 5k


 Beginners 10k

Intermediate 10k


 Beginners Half Marathon

Intermediate Half Marathon 

Advanced Half Marathon

 Beginners Marathon

Intermediate Marathon

Advanced Marathon


Triathlon Plans

 Beginners Sprint (400m/20k/5k)

Intermediate Sprint (400m/20k/5k)

 Beginners Olympic (1500m/40k/10k)

Intermediate Olympic (1500m/40k/10k)



The training plans were produced by Full Potential and Triathlon Performance Solutions for Garmin and are available to download for free from Garmin UK's website.