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SMaRTT Smasher 10k off road race - Sunday 19th February 2017




The committee are here to ensure the club develops and delivers the right training and support for its members. However as the club continues to grow, the huge array of tasks keep growing, so if you would like to help, especially in leading training rides/runs please let us know. Your help is appreciated. We are committed to ensuring the club meets the needs of members of all abilities. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you think would be beneficial to the club, please do get in touch. If you have an email for any of the committee please click on one of the links below.


 Keith Bradshaw - Club Chair

Keith is a keen triathlete/runner and has represented Great Britain at the European and World championships on a number of occasions. He is also a Level 2 triathlon coach. When Keith isn't training or racing, he ensures the smooth day to day running of the club but also focusing on the future development and growth.


Debbie Pearce


Debbie Pearce- Club Treasurer

Debbie's role is to manage the club finances, making sure we have enough funds for cheesy chips, bbq's, the Christmas party, training weekends and of course our weekly training sessions.



Catherine Cole - Club Secretary

Catherine is a runner who competes regularly in local races. She is also a keen swimmer. As club secretary, Catherine handles the many enquiries we receive, membership affiliations, governing body affiliations and social media.



Stuart Welch Coaching and Performance

Stuart is a triathlete/runner with a background in personal training. He will shortly be qualified as a triathlon coach. Stuart's role involves setting the weekly sessions calendar and encouraging members to take part in the club championship races.