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SMaRTT Smasher 10k off road race - Sunday 19th February 2017



About Us

Who we are and what we do 

Calne SMaRTT was founded in January 2007 and caters for runners and triathletes from complete novices to GB age group athletes. There are several club sessions throughout the week covering run, bike and swim so there should always be something that will fit in with your training. We are a friendly bunch, mostly normal, and although most of us would like to be fitter and faster (and younger) there is no pressure! We organise our training sessions so that nobody is left behind.All our sessions are planned to suit everyone no matter what their ability.We also get together throughout the year for social events and races.

Governing Body Affiliations

We are affiliated to Wiltshire and South of England Athletics Association, plus Triathlon England. Members therefore do not have to pay the non-affiliated entry fee levy to enter running races organised under the rules of UK athletics and are covered by their insurance. Affiliation fees support the development of the sport locally and nationally. The clubs Triathlon England affiliation allows you to get a discount on personal affiliation and also provides insurance cover whilst training during a club session.


The hardest part of any fitness is sticking to a training programme. Belonging to a club might just give you the motivation you need to achieve your aims. If you live in or near Calne then you will find a warm welcome at our training sessions where you can meet us and find out more about membership and training. Please take a look at our website where there is a calendar with further details of club sessions and events that you are able to come along to. Our annual affiliation fee is only £32 and this includes the affiliation to England Athletics, club insurance and subsidised training sessions. We also offer an associate membership so if you would like to find out more, please email for further details. If you would like to join as a full member, please click below to see our membership form.

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