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SMaRTT Smasher 10k off road race - Sunday 19th February 2017



2015 Wiltshire Road Race

The Wiltshire Road Race League (The League) is an annual series of races for all runners from clubs affiliated to Wiltshire Athletic Association with the goal of promoting road running within the county and raising the profile of Wiltshire clubs and athletes.

The League is structured into two divisions (First and Second) and will run from March to October, with all races selected being in the same calendar year.

Points shall be scored by teams according to the finishing positions of the first five male athletes and first five female athletes belonging to the same Wiltshire affiliated club, with the points being determined by the overall position of the runners against those of other Wiltshire Athletic Association affiliated club athletes of the same sex with 100 points being awarded to the first and counting down thereafter. Clubs with more than five runners of the same sex will have their points attributed to their ‘B’ team, if applicable. The calculation of points scored will be performed by the Road Running Secretary of Wiltshire Athletic Association.

An award shall be made to the club with the highest scoring team in the First Division of The League and also to the club with the highest scoring team in the Second Division of The League. An award shall also be made to the highest scoring Man and Lady within The League and also in the V40, V50 & V60 age categories.

The fixtures identified for The League can be found below. Calne SMaRTT has embraced the league this season and based our club running champs on league races.

The current club standings can be found on the Wiltshire Athletic Associations website here.

#1 Devizes 10k   - Devizes -Sunday 15th March
#2 Highworth 5
 - Highworth - Sunday 12th April 

#3 St Georges 10K
- Corsham - Sunday 19th April

#4 The Trowbridge 5K
 - Trowbridge - Sunday 10th May

#5 Chippenham 5 
 - Chippenham -- Sunday 7th June

 Broad Town 5 
- Broad Town near Royal Wootton Bassett - Saturday 20st June

#7 Frome Half Marathon 
- Frome, Somerset - Sunday 19th July

#8 Heddington 5K series 
 - Heddington - Race series(race #3) - best time to score - concludes August

#9 Malmesbury 10K 
- Malmesbury - Saturday 5th September

#10 Melksham 10K
 - Melksham - Sunday 13th September

#11 Cricklade Half Marathon *
 - Cricklade - October

#12 The Clock Change Challenge 10K 
- Calne - 
Sunday 25th October

* Wiltshire County Championship Race

race dates subject to change