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SMaRTT Smasher 10k off road race - Sunday 19th February 2017



 2015 Running Club Races

The Calne SMaRTT Club championships takes place each year and runs from the beginning of January until the end of December. There is a separate male and female championship and consists of 15 races which have been selected to cover a range of distances from 5k to Half Marathon. This years races have been selected to cover the Wiltshire Road Race league as far as possible so runners can gain league points for the club as well as championship points.  

Members can select which races they wish to enter and will gain points for each finish as detailed below. The winning Male and Female receive the coveted Calne SMaRTT Championship trophy to adorn their mantelpiece for a whole year and a small momento to keep.


Club Rules for points 2015 Champs

In the 2015 championships there will be 15 races, the current format will remain the same with the first club member past the finish line in each championship race gaining 20 points, the second 19 points and so on. This year there are 2 park run races in the championship – to add a bit of excitement these will be run on a handicap system, this will be done based on your current park run PB giving everyone the opportunity to earn an elusive 20 points, there may well be some cake on offer at these races also – if club members have not entered a park run before then the handicap will be based on your best 5k time (or 10k time if you have not done a 5k) – your PB times will be taken from the power of 10 website – for anyone that has not looked at the power of 10 before then follow this link and type in your name to find your results -

I will create a table of everyone’s PB time in the new year giving you all the chance to check for accuracy, I will keep the table updated throughout the year. 





To be eligible for championship points runners must enter using ‘Calne SMaRTT’ as their first claim club on the application form and wear the registered Ron Hill club vest during the race. Remember 'No club colours then no points'!!



Race Calendar


The following races have been identified for 2015 and were chosen based on feedback received and the number of people entering previous club champ races – these races cover a variety of terrains and distances – road and off road, 5km to half marathon. 


                                          Club Championship Races 2015





Slaughterford 9 

Sun 25th Jan 


Lungbuster 9 mile x country 

Sun 15th Feb 


Calne Rotary Club 10K - Bowood 

Sun 22nd March 


Corsham 10k 

Sun 19th April 


Ramsbury 5 Mile 

Sun 17th May 


Swindon Parkrun 

Sat 20th June 


Chippenham River Run 

Wed 1st July 


Chippenham Parkrun

Sat 25th July 


Heddington 5K 

Tues 11th Aug


Chippenham Half Marathon 

Sun 6th Sept 


 Roundway Rampage

Sat 26th Sept


Marshfield Mudlark 

Sun 11th Oct


 Castle Combe Half Marathon

Sun 25th Oct


Over the Hills – Bradford on Avon 

Sun 1st Nov


Bromham Pudding Run 

TBC - Dec